My mothers cost for Medicare supplement insurance was getting more and more expensive all the time and with her age we weren’t sure if she would be able to qualify for A new plan. Her plan was costing $542 per month for plan C. Then we received a letter stating that she would be receiving a rate increase and her new plan would be $619 per month. It was taking almost all of her income just to pay for her supplemental insurance. After I received that last rate increase letter is when I decided to give Charles a call. He was able to come meet with us and find a better plan for her. My mother is 99 and he upgraded her plan to an F plan for $240 per month. We are Grateful for him and how he helped our mother! Because of his help, She is now saving over $300 per month for the rest of her life. I wish we called him sooner!  
- Mrs. Larue

 We have known Charles for sometime now and on several occasions we got to chat about our Expensive Medicare Supplement plan, but we didn’t take action because we had been told previously by other insurance professionals that we most likely would not qualify to change our plans because of previous health impairments. We finally decided to call Charles and speak with him about our auto insurance. He was able to find us some savings. We are even more Grateful that he asked again about our Medicare supplement plan! With both of us at age 81 we are on a fixed income and need to take advantage of all the savings possible. He helped us save over $4000 per year for the rest of our life! Plus he even helped assist us in finding the right drug plan. Thank you so much!  
- Mr. Joe & Mrs. Shirley